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What is Behcet's disease? - Behcet's Disease Books and More basic information about Behcet's disease: How is Behcet's diagnosed? (including International Classification Criteria of 1989) Other symptoms related to Behcet's What causes Behcet's, and how will it affect my family and my life? What is it like after 30 years of symptoms? Return to "Behcet… Behcet Disease | Behcet disease is a condition marked by the repeated formation of open sores (ulcers) in the mouth, on the genitals, skin lesions and inflammation of the uvea of the eye. It is also known as Behcet’s syndrome since it is a collection of different symptoms without a clear explanation for … CuraScript SD - What is Behcet's Disease? Behcet’s Disease is a Rare Disorder that Causes Blood Vessel Inflammation Behcet’s Disease is More Common Among People from the Eastern Mediterranean and Asia Behcet’s Disease, or Behcet’s Syndrome, is an inflammatory disorder that can include vasculitis of …

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About Behcet's UK Behçet's (pronounced Bet-jets) is a rare, complex and life-long condition caused by disturbances in the body's immune system. Behçet's can affect people of any age, but it most common in those aged 20-40. Behcet's Disease – Symptoms and Causes - Home Remedy Symptoms of Behcet’s Disease. Behcet’s disease can have many different symptoms from person to person. It can come and go on its own. Symptoms of Behcet’s disease are different. That depends on what part of the body is affected. Areas which are affected from this disease are the next:

Behcet’s disease is a very rare, chronic inflammatory disease whose cause is not well understood. People with Behcet’s disease develop recurrent ulcerations in the mouth and on the genitals, and lesions elsewhere on the skin; arthritis; and inflammation of the eye and bowel.

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The Behcets Centres of Excellence offer care in the form of multi-disciplinary clinics and help patients to access high cost drugs. The aim of the Centres of Excellence is to ensure that patients with Behcet’s disease can access timely diagnosis and receive optimal treatment across the country. Behcets Medical panel Behcets disease medical panel : Subscribe to our mailing list Welcome to the 'Medical Questions' page. Our resources consist of laypersons, research papers, medical journals and of course personal experience. We must stress that the replies should not be used as your sole source of information, nor can we guarantee an answer. Behçet’s disease - Your.MD The exact cause of Behçet’s disease is unknown, although it is thought that both genes and environmental factors are involved. Genes. One theory is that some people are born with genes that make them more vulnerable to something in the environment (an environmental factor) that has yet to be identified, such as a virus or a type of bacteria.