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5 IMPORTANT 1/ L’autorisation d’exportation de devises en billets de banque étrangers et par chèques est personnelle et incessible. 2/ L’autorisation d’exportation de devises en billets de banque étrangers et par chèques est valable pour un seul voyage et dans tous les cas pour une durée maximale de deux mois (60 jours calendaires) à compter de la date de son établissement. ASHGHAL Interim Advice Note No. 013/14 ASHGHAL Interim Advice Note No. 013/14 Amendments / Additions to QCS 2014 Revision No. A1 Summary This Interim Advice Note (IAN) provides information and guidance on amendments and additions to QCS (Qatar Construction Specifications) 2014. This IAN takes immediate effect. Personal Banking in UAE l Corporate Banking in UAE l The UAB Islamic credit card enables you to manage your finances effectively. With worldwide acceptance at millions of outlets, our Islamic cards offer a host of features and benefits that make your life simpler and more convenient. Welcome to the Carlton Al Moaibed Hotel - Al Khobar, Saudi

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Kiskanu is a family owned and operated company. Its founders, Gretchen and Jason Miller have over 40 years’ combined experience in the cannabis industry and are bringing that knowledge to their hand-crafted line of CBD products. Good for all skin types and sensitive skin, we recommend using CBD Face Oil as a daily moisturizer on clean skin, as a makeup base, makeup remover, beard oil, or anywhere on your body that needs some extra moisture and TLC. Good for all skin types and sensitive skin, we suggest using CBD Skin Rub for dry skin, sore muscles, minor aches and pains, arthritic joints, and nerve pain, etc. Ingredients | cold-pressed oil (olive, hemp, jojoba, coconut), CBD derived… Our CBD Suppositories localize and target where CBD is active in your body. We suggest using CBD Suppositories for inflammation, menopausal discomfort, vaginal dryness, menstrual aches, bowel discomfort, pelvic discomfort, bowel discomfort… Our hemp CBD beauty products do not contain THC (tetrahydrocanninol), the cannabinoid that is more psychoactive. All hemp that we use has been third-party lab tested for purity and is grown in the USA. This knowledge is reflected in the quality and consistency of their hand-crafted, small-batch skin and body products. They use organic whole plant and solvent-free extracts, sourced in the USA, in a base of cold-pressed, virgin, organic oils… Kiskanu Hemp CBD Face Oil is a soothing product made from organic oils and hemp-derived CBD. Ideal for use with common skin irritations and facial tension.

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